At Positive School, we believe that excellence in education is based on the ability to listen and the personalization of the instruction.

Our goals :

  • Allowing each child to progress, to discover and to blossom, by offering a truly differentiated pedagogy fitted to the developmental needs of the child ;
  • Maintaining, finding or recovering the pleasure of learning and the joy of discovering ;
  • Giving sense to what is learned, always moving from the concrete to the abstract ;
  • Promoting the motivation and the natural curiosity of the child, since motivation is one of the conditions of the learning process.

Benefits of a Montessori Education

  • An education based on knowledge about the development of the human being ;
  • Children learn in accordance with their own rhythms and cultivate their own interests ;
  • Children use materials specifically conceived to let them grasp notions in a concrete way before going farther and farther into abstraction ;
  • Considering the need for the child to be actively involved as a condition for learning (exploration, gesture and cognitive processes being closely related) ;
  • Teachers and other adults who cooperate with the child ;
  • The development of the child constitutes her own source of reward, and consequently, of motivation ;
  • The particular importance at the elementary school level of the social development of the child.

A carefully designed environment

  • Layout of the workspaces maximizes the learning process and permits mutual assistance, small group and individual work, and movement that respects others and the workspace ;
  • A space for cooperation where classes of different ages work together; 
  • Time is managed, using work surfaces according to the unique needs of each child : moments of trial and error, experimentation or oral, physical and artistic expression ;
  • Based on the idea of the Zone of Proximal Development conceived by Lev Vygotsky, a space for autonomy which offers the right amount of challenge to each child in the context of clear rules.