Positive School is mainly based on the Montessori Education system

  • Scientifically developed by Maria Montessori,
  • Whose benefits are largely proven today by research and neuroscience,
  • Which has been practiced for more than one hundred years,
  • Which is applied in 22 000 schools around the world and its different cultures,

Positive School :

  • Integrates the program of the French Education Nationale,
  • Respects the needs of each child,
  • Offers a caring education as well as an education that builds caring behavior.

Positive School also goes further :

  • With a teacher from the French Education Nationale for the validation of the academic level,
  • With specialists for the promotion of self-confidence in the students in order to make the learning process more effective,
  • A bilingual teacher for daily English immersion.

Positive School also adresses :

  • Children whose parents believe that School must also teach how to communicate better, to be skillful in relationships, to know oneself (well-being, self-esteem), to manage one’s emotions, to make decisions …, all abilities that are essential to the educational, social, emotional and future life of their child.
  • Children who don’t find their place in the classic school system, even if they don’t fall within the field of recognized handicaps (gifted, dyslexic, highly sensitive, allophone, “slow”, or slightly underachieving children …).
  • Children who are not ready to move up into middle school (lack of command of the basics, self-confidence, maturity …).

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3 reasons to choose Positive School

1. The school of success

Our first goal is to promote success among all of our students by meeting the needs of each of them in a concrete, individualized and multidisciplinary way.

By offering the possibility of not only mastering the fundamentals in language, mathematics and general knowledge, but also building and developing creativity, enthusiasm, tolerance, ability to cooperate, patience, determination, we apply all our resources to offer the child numerous opportunities for success.

2. The school of well-being

Being at ease with oneself and others is an important element in the scholastic, social and emotional life of the child.

The caring and positive attitude of the team, as well as the workshops presented by a sophrologist, will equip the child with useful tools to deal with the different situations she will encounter (conflicts, stress, fatigue, fear of failure, lack of self-confidence …).

3. The international school

The English level of French youth is among the weakest in Europe.
In our school, every day, there is time for oral and written communication in English, tailored accompaniment for the non-French-speaking children and an opening to our multicultural world brought by our students of diverse origins.