A typical day breaks down like this:

Morning :

From 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM, the teacher proposes an individualized welcome, and then each child progresses on her program according to her own rhythm.

The child alternates between time in autonomy (engaged in remobilization, practice and small group project work) and time in lessons and presentations, individual or in small groups, in English or in French, proposed by the referent teacher.

An additional teacher is available for questions, extra support where needed, a helping hand …

The morning ends up with a group time, in English or in French, initiated by the teacher or a child (time for presentation of a project, expression, sharing of some reading, a talk on a subject concerning our environment)

Lunch break

The children prepare the environment for the lunch.

Afterwards, they have some free and fun time outside, followed by a peaceful moment before the activities start again.


Depending on the day of the week, the afternoon starts with artistic and sports activities, or workshops on a project concerning the “savoir-être” (knowing how to be).

This is followed by a time during which the child carries on with his work. Fridays, we review the progress of the week and the program for the next week.