Ours goals

  • Based on the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori and on practices validated by neuroscience, help children to fully express their potential through their efforts and activities;
  • With 2 teachers, creating a positive, caring and stimulating atmosphere;
  • Through interdisciplinary teaching projects and wellness practices, helping children to be self-confident, creative, and skillful in interpersonal relations ;

Being Well, Learnong Well

Everyone agrees: wellness is essential for educational success. If so, what kind of learning content can we offer to the students? And how?

This is a major challenge, as being happy is the key to a successful life and an easy learning process. 

les apprentissages

The children are grouped according to their needs, not their age.

Through the differentiation of the education and the personalization of the learning, the school is able to guide every child towards success.

Ecole bilingue

English immersion happens on a daily basis, thanks to the presence of non-French-speaking children and an interdisciplinary approach with some subjects taught in English.