Bilingual Sophrologist certified by the FEPS (Fédération des Ecoles Professionnelles en Sophrologie).

Registered nurse.

Free-lance consultant for the medical group “Médivallée”, educational partnerships with the local mission of Saint Martin d’Hères and the CCAS of Grenoble.

Instructor at the Sophrology Academy of Canterbury (England).

Collaborator at the IFSI St Martin (French Red Cross) of Grenoble.

Sophrology is a system of easy and gentle relaxation methods and body exercises linked to awareness of the breath, which aims, by regular practice, to acquire or reinforce the balance between our emotions, our thoughts and our behaviors, as a path towards self-awareness, an awakening of the conscience, an invitation towards a harmonious balance between our existential human values and the outside world.

In the school environment, sophrology helps the child to progressively acquire a lasting feeling of inner security, so that fears won’t stand in her way.

Learning gradually to recognize our own sensations, to identify our emotions, to come back by ourselves to a state of tranquility and inner peace, promotes the conscience of oneself, of our place and of our surroundings. The child grows up in a state of self-confidence and trust in others, as well as in autonomy and responsibility.

By offering my experience in sophrology to a school that encourages individualized learning, I help to bring forth the resources of each child in a world of tolerance and diversity.