Educational supervisor and bilingual teacher

A school that takes into consideration the results of scientific investigation and consequently, offers a daily environment adapted to the child in all respects, this school is the one we need for the 21st century.

We know that arousing motivation, respecting the child’s need for movement, respecting his emotional life and desire to exist in a group, strengthening the learning process and giving quick feedback are the keys of success for each child, whatever may be his abilities, skills and socio-cultural environment. 

Teaching cooperation, conflict management, peer mediation, team work on projects, the pleasure of being completely involved in one’s work …, these are some of the objectives that the educational system must set for itself today in order to produce adults ready for the challenges they will encounter tomorrow.

My professional life (state-certified diploma of music teacher, director of a private music school, Montessori educator for ages 3-6 and 6-12) has allowed me me to combine field teaching with a great interest in research (master’s dissertation about the effect of reading disorders on music learning, coursework  in cognitive psychology and functional neuroanatomy at the University of California, Berkeley, research on “alternative” educational methods (Freinet, Reggio Emilia,…), Montessori educator training.

The common trait of all my experiences? The pursuit of an always improving school where we can happily learn the cognitive abilities which lead to an understanding of the world, as well as the cooperation, the conflict management, the work with a team on projects, a school where the child is active, curious, involved, a school that lets the child keep his interest in the world.