Certified art therapist

Supervises artistic mediation workshops since 2003 in school environments as well as private practice; visual artist, founder and director of the AERATO company.

“Maîtrise” diploma in Public Law.

“Particularly aware of the questions of personal identity and the position of the individual within the collective – family, friends, school, workplace … –, my experience, notably with children, makes me reflect on and dramatize the questions related to expression, confidence, learning, transmission … by using mediating artistic and cultural tools.

This is the contribution that, working with the educational team, I bring to the school.”


About the adventure of being oneself among others

Each child is invited to consider the time and space of the workshop as a testing field.

From proposals linked by a central theme previously determined with the educational team, the child will have the audacity to put forth his own expression, at first for himself, and then in front of the others, at his own rhythm. Different tools will be used as needed: painting, writing, voice, volume, dance …This exploration of a theme enables us to pass from one form to another.